Маска защитная (+5 фильтров) Programming , Программирование L

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Esp32 oled ssd1306 programming before you start the programming, first of all, make sure you download the wire. This is the basic programming for reading a potentiometer connected with the analog pin a0 of the esp32 and then display the value on the oled display module. Display driver for vga, ssd1306, ssd1325ssd1327, ssd1331, ssd1351, ili9163st7735, ili9341, pcd8544. Provides api for working with monochrome and color oledlcd displays over i2cspi, and vga monitor. The library implements graphical engine, allowing creation of dynamic animation, and can be used for gaming development. The specic ssd1306, ssd1331 or sh1106 classes all expose a display() method which takes an image with attributes consistent with the capabilities of the device

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